HS2: South Yorkshire 'shedding few tears' - reader's letter

Despite all the recent noise regarding the scrapping of the eastern leg of HS2, many of us in South Yorkshire are shedding few tears.

Thursday, 25th November 2021, 3:26 pm
This reader claims that South Yorkshire is 'shedding few tears' as Prime Minister Boris Johnson waves goodbye to HS2 through Yorkshire.

I for one have more parochial concerns such as why the Doncaster to Sheffield stopping rail service is still only operating on an hourly frequency, having been reduced from two trains per hour during the pandemic.

Worse still, the frequency on my local bus service has halved in the last decade.

I know that many other communities in the county have also experienced similar service reductions.

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It sometimes feels like the decision makers live in a different world to the rest of us.

Public transport spending needs to prioritise the things that really matter to the vast majority of us.

I suspect that many of the people shouting loudest about HS2 probably rarely use public transport themselves.

Yes, we need good transport links between our major cities and ambition for our region, but we also need to ensure as a priority that we improve the accessibility of our local urban centres and other locations which provide employments opportunities.

Economic development has to be about much more than big prestige projects.

Peter Sellars

Denaby Main, Doncaster, DN12