HS2 Sheffield: Cancelled rail route avoids 'devastation to our countryside' - reader's letter

How much devastation to our countryside in the north has been avoided by Boris Johnson cancelling this huge project.

Thursday, 25th November 2021, 4:00 pm
Homeowner Andrew Challoner points to the path HS2 would have carved through the field 300 yards from his home in Worksop Road - he is one of the people this reader believes are glad about HS2's eastern leg being scrapped.

I am sure the thousands of people who were going to lose their homes and countryside are grateful of this decision.

Why Leeds are up in arms about this, heaven knows.

They have a far superior rail system to London than us in Sheffield.

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Give us back our electrified rail system to London we had before it was axed and we will be satisfied.

Another point is how much countryside and trees have been saved by doing this.

I have not seen one bit of praise for what Boris Johnson has done.

Just upgrade the current rail system, we have ruined enough of our beautiful countryside.

Thanks Boris, for holding your hands up and saying you got it wrong.

R Mitchell

Ormond Road, S8