Demolition of Sheffield's historic Plough pub a 'terrible pity' - reader's letter

It’s a terrible pity that The Plough will be demolished. Who or what is to blame? Yes, our system of planning appeals is bad, with companies that have fat purses being able to appeal ad infinitum, and with government departments paying no attention to local views.

Monday, 20th December 2021, 12:39 pm

However, I think that the real blame lies elsewhere. I have previously in these columns stated my view, based on experience of housing law, that it is eventually impossible to stop land going to its most profitable use.

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Community given second chance to save historic Sheffield pub

What should have happened with The Plough is that the football establishment should have found the money to outbid the developers and create a heritage centre from the historic building. It can find millions for new players and corporate entertainment; but to preserve and commemorate the sport’s history and traditions, it won’t find a penny. Ignorant and stupid and uncultivated are the adjectives that come to mind.

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The Plough in Sheffield.

I take this opportunity of thanking Peter Duff for his untiring work and devotion on the conservation front. Pete: mark my words, in 10 years, people will be crying into their beer, asking “How and why did we ever let that building go?”

Ruth Grimsley

Oak Park, Sheffield, S10