Compulsory Covid vaccinations: 'Sorry time for care homes' - reader's letter

Can we afford to lose care home staff due to them choosing not to be vaccinated, no we can't.

Wednesday, 24th November 2021, 4:23 pm
It's a "sorry time for care homes" according to one reader, with hospitals such as the Northern General under strain due to Covid-19. (Photo by Andy Stenning - Pool/Getty Images)

To tell them they have to be is dictatorship, I don't blame them for leaving, I would.

It will be a sorry time for care homes unless something changes, masks on, sanitize, would anybody out there who has a relative in a care home like to think you could end up looking after them. The staff who do this job need a medal, not a vaccine, and don't want bullying into what they don't want.

As I have stated before, my husband had a bleed on his brain doing a good deed for our neighbour, ended up in hospital for a few months, transferred to Northern General special unit. When we saw what they had to contend with it was an impossible job for my family and myself. After a few months they didn't want him as he was slightly aggressive, not his fault, brain took over.

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We managed to get him in Woodhill House care home, I was so grateful to them, such a lovely, patient lot, he was in 17 months before he died, and family and myself attended every day if only for at the most hour and half, not a lot of communication from him, but we knew he recognised us.

So this letter is to let us all think how would we be able to do what they do, and let's get some sense, masks and sanitize for staff, sure they won't leave then.

Hope you are all ok at Woodhill.

Brenda Wilkinson

Sheffield, S10