Letter: Will you and your fellow campaigners finally accept the democratic decision of the UK electorate?

This letter sent to the Star was written by Cyril Olsen, Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Tuesday, 25th June 2019, 08:50 am
Updated Wednesday, 3rd July 2019, 07:57 am

My admiration for Veronica Hardstaff's tongue in cheek approach and forgetful memory when writing her Brexit correspondence reached new heights when I read her May 17, letter, "Leaving EU was never going to be easy." It was compounded when I read her latest submission, "Lack of an exit plan", Star, June 22.

Veronica, who by her own admission has carefully looked through my, June 15, response to Barbara Master's letter, takes me to task for not offering her a strategy for leaving the EU, which meets promises made by Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage in the run-up to the June 2016 referendum. If she had read my letter carefully she will observe that in replying to Barbara's assertion that those who had put forward the support leave case did so without formulating a strategy to cover our withdrawal if successful, I pointed out that everyone who voted to leave did so based on a simple choice of remain or leave on the ballot paper, nothing else.

I asked Barbara and now I ask Veronica if she really believes that every voter should have to work out an individual strategy for Brexiting before placing their vote. The same question could be asked of those who voted to Remain. I venture to respectfully suggest most of the UK electorate do not have a strategy for staying or leaving, either because they do not have the wish and/or capability to formulate one, or more likely they knew what they wanted to vote for and did so accordingly, the result being a 1.5million Brexit majority.

Yet again she lists her crystal ball predictions of what could happen to the UK when we finally Brexit, hopefully very soon if her "friend" Boris becomes Prime Minister. These predictions are just that. I repeat that nobody actually knows what the consequences of our leaving the EU are until we actually Brexit. Give Brexit a reasonable time to show what the outcome of our leaving will be, if it is as calamitous as you predict, I will bow to your superior wisdom and admit you were right.

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Similarly, you and many other remainers are campaigning for a second referendum. If this comes to pass and the result is the same leave decision, even by a one vote majority let alone 1.5 million, will you and your fellow campaigners finally accept the democratic decision of the UK electorate? Will you also admit you were wrong should the consequences of our leaving the EU prove to be very much in our favour? I am not holding my breath on you and your kind giving that assurance!