letter: Who will ever forget the ‘Red Bus’

This letter sent to the Star was written by John Singleton, Kiveton Park

Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 11:52 am
Updated Friday, 23rd August 2019, 6:34 am
Boris Johnson. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Thank's to Cyril Olsen for taking the time to reply to my letter of August 10. It must be wonderful to be able to sit three years after the referendum result secure in the knowledge that now it's the vast majority of the country want to exit the EU on October 31, at any price just so long as we leave maybe that is an assumption you have made.

When there is no direct evidence we are left with making educated guesses or assumptions and unlike Cyril who seems very certain I at least concede that I might be wrong in mine and will readily admit that if I am proved wrong. The danger to the country if leaving is wrong is unimaginable both socially and economically.

I am actually aware of the fact that if the party in power elect a new leader that leader will become the Prime Minister and the gist of my letter was to question where the Democratic mandate came from to actively pursue a policy that we will go for a no deal Brexit to satisfy a leave vote. I am also aware of the fact that we elect our MP's to govern the country and that they do not have to consult their constituencies regarding how they should vote in the House of Commons.

The people who will pay the price "if" the leavers have got it wrong will not be the people pushing for it in Parliament today it will be people whose jobs will be put at risk. Perhaps its another assumption on my part but I suspect that Cyril either does not already fall into this bracket as he is already retired or is quite close to it and so does not have to worry about his job. Maybe his house is bought and paid for and he is enjoying the fruits of his past labours. A luxury many younger people may not get the chance to do if the economy goes into a major slump.

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I read with interest that the Trump administration in America is dying to negotiate a Trade Deal with us after we leave the EU and would remind you of DT's motto "America First". If you are uncertain of what strength we have at the negotiating table across from the EU try to imagine what the American reaction will be when we get our begging bowl out having just lost our biggest market. Before any talks have begun we have been told by them that we must abandon plans for the "Digital Tax" because it is harmful to American companies. That however pails into insignificance against the threat of access for them into the NHS and the continuation of the road to privatisation. Do we really want to give Boris an opportunity to destroy the NHS with one of his quotes from the past being "If NHS services continue to be free this way they will continue to be abused like any free service...if people have to pay for them they will value them more". Probably he has since denied saying it or was misquoted. The much lauded recent cash injection for NHS Hospitals, (mostly in areas that voted leave), that is one of BJ's initiatives was not what it seemed as it merely allowed them to spend money that had been withheld by the Government in the past. It was not an injection of extra money as had been suggested. That is the second time Boris has took credit for extra funding for the NHS. Who will ever forget the "Red Bus"

I asked where Boris got his mandate for no deal and that was not answered in the reply other than to explain how he became the PM. It did not explain how the decision was made that no deal was the way for this country to exit the EU.

Perhaps we have got into this mess with the clock ticking down simply because of the fact the Conservative Government spent all of the time vainly trying to heal the wounds within the Conservative Party factions rather than preparing the country for leaving the EU.

Have people forgotten that the last General Election actually took away the Conservative Party's Parliamentary majority and with that vote its mandate to go for the type of exit the Conservative Part wanted. I ask the question again how did a vote of 64% of the Conservative Party membership for Boris lead to the whole country being led by a Right Wing extremist clique. The latest information coming out is that there are now enough Conservative MP's to leave Boris without a majority in Parliament even with the DUP and when Cyril probably reminds us about the will of the people three years ago again I would remind him that one of the main objectives of the Leave campaign was to "restore the sovereignty of Parliament".