Letter: We desperately need a Donald Trump at the helm over here in the UK

This letter sent to the Star was written by A Barlow, Hyde Park, Doncaster, DN1

By Reader Letter
Monday, 24 June, 2019, 06:51

The red-dress protesters debacle at the London speech event comes as no surprise, given the ongoing, ridiculous, hysterical palaver about the myth of "climate change". It could, however, have been avoided had the organisers put up at sign at the entrance saying "NO MORONS PLEASE".

Although they were quite rightly frogmarched out of the event, these women should now be facing punishment. Mark Field should have been publicly praised and commended for his sensible actions on the night.

These red-dress protesters and their ilk should be made to wear bells around their ankles and flashing lights upon their heads, whenever they venture outside of their rubber-wallpapered dwellings to mix with normal people. This prevents SANE women in red dresses, (and men in red dresses, let's not forget to be "inclusive" here, please!), from being taken straight to mental hospitals. It also allows drivers, (taxis, buses etc.), a chance to deny them access to their evil planet destroying vehicles. Also, the bells and flashing lights would alert shopkeepers and supermarket workers as to which persons should not be served with anything that might damage, God forbid, their "carbon footprint". Dairies and butchers can go to the wall, but just think about how many cute polar bears will be saved, eh? If these red-dress people genuinely had any empathy for those poor polar bears then surely they'd have the common decency to offer themselves as free food for them? They could all get together and hire a large, eco-friendly, (motor-less), rowing boat, (NO FLYING ALLOWED! Areoplanes being the devil's creation), and set forth to the ice caps. I'm sure those cuddly bears wouldn't turn their cute white noses up to a bit of easily obtainable food… ermm, that is once they and their red dresses had managed to get past the hordes of protesting, vegan polar bears, eh?

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In fact, a law should be passed that these "protesters" can only eat potatoes and grass and that only on the proviso that they are made to carry a lighter/box of matches with them, everywhere they go, so that they can personally diffuse any harmful methane that they themselves may emit into the atmosphere.

I can't wait for the government to get around to providing us Oop T'North 'ere with that long talked about "Northern Powerhouse". Mind you, it'll probably have to be powered by wind turbines, following several days of thousands of placard waving, "striking" children and screaming banshees in red dresses, "protesting" outside parliament.

Seriously though, let's be honest eh? All these new "penalties", carbon tax/emission taxes etc. are schemes dreamt up by those in power, in order to screw even more money out of the already over-taxed general public. We need to be forward thinking like China and America, regarding our economy. We desperately need a Donald Trump at the helm over here in the UK. Then we can start moving forward instead of continually sliding backwards, as the rest of the developing world overtakes us and leaves us in an economic downward spiral.