Letter: Start putting the safety of your tax payers first rather than the profits of developers

This letter sent to the Star was written by S Thompson, Sheffield, S6

Monday, 22nd July 2019, 7:33 am
Updated Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 7:24 am

I was pleased to see the very sensible letter from Jenny Jones in Crookes, an area where they are wholly dependent on motorists parking partly on the pavements. I have written on this subject many times as like Jenny I live where parking partly on the pavement is a must.

If all cars parked on the road no service vehicles, including emergency ones, could pass and even larger cars are quite likely to damage cars as they pass.

Parking fully on a pavement is never necessary and is always selfish, so of course are people who allow their hedges to block pavements, many of those in and around Hillsborough these even block sight lines at junctions, again SCC take note.

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So who is to blame? Many of our roads are steep, narrow and are tightly packed with Victorian terraces, we cannot alter this, so what can be done? Not an easy solution but the solution is in the hands of SCC wanting to address it and unfortunately they don’t.

At the moment any small piece of land anywhere that is available is built on, sounds the right thing to do, well it would be if SCC planning department weren’t held to ransom by unscrupulous developers and no off street parking is provided. Hence the problem of parking worsens. Because housing is needed the developers tell the council building isn’t viable if we have to provide parking, of course it is, but more profit can be made without parking so either the council fall for it or the developers are offering incentives.

The government planning regulations say that a minimum of two spaces for parked cars should be provided, one can be a garage and one a drive, so SCC let’s start doing this therefore making life easier and safer for, pedestrians, wheelchair users and motorists.

So come on Sheffield City Council planners start putting the safety of your tax payers first rather than the profits of developers.