Letter: Scraping the bottom of the barrel

This letter sent to the Star was written by Mike Anthony, Gleadless Valley, Sheffield, S14

Monday, 13th January 2020, 7:04 am
Test Card

Another bottom-of-the-barrel programme is on the TV– Secret Singer. Just who thinks them up? In the previews the panel go ballistic but I’m sure that part of their contract says “just go stupid”.

Now Pointless Celebrities, the episode on Saturday night, January 4, has two dog puppets on along with the remaining Chuckle brother and two long since forgotten actors out of Grange Hill, who I’ve never heard of.

The others are also known to a small percentage of the audience.

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Just why all the game shows?

Have you noticed no ugly people are ever contestants.

I’m not saying BBC have lost its edge but for them to stop the pensioners’ free licence then put drivel on with so-called celebrities who are paid silly amounts of cash is unbelievable.

The person at the BBC who’s scraping the bottom of the barrel picking these shows must have his fingers full of splinters.

Celebrity Bake Off, The Greatest Dancer, why not The Greatest Wind-Passer, letting go threepers, triple thunder blast, well you get the format, and the follow-up show Name That Smell, whoops pass the paper.

Name That Corpse, its format could be naming so-called Stars who have died on stage by being booed off stage, Dancing On Thin Ice for idiots.

I know, I know lots of people like these programmes but just what’s the point of them?

It’s the very same with sport.

There’s more people dislike sport than like it but the TV companies insist on putting them on at prime time by taking off shows that do educate and entertain you.

Have a look at the Rev IM Jolly on YouTube to see a really funny man. This is my kind of entertainment but then again I’m looking at my 50th year.