Letter: No Deal will be a disaster for us as a nation

This letter sent to the Star was written by John Singleton, Kiveton Park, S26

Tuesday, 6th August 2019, 10:36 am
Updated Monday, 12th August 2019, 6:55 am
An EU flag flies in the face of Parliament

As we seem to be driving inexorably towards a "No Deal" Brexit I would respectfully wish to ask the following question. Where did the democratic mandate come from to exit the EU with No Deal ?

I make no secret that I voted to remain during the Referendum but recognise that the majority of the voters did not and the result was to "LEAVE". The question asked was simply to "Remain" or "Leave".

It is my belief that Parliament should be working towards us leaving in accordance with the result BUT NOT at ANY cost.

Surely the timetable we have was in part set by the rush to trigger Article 50 by the incompetents within the Conservative Party Leadership at that time. Let us not forget that it was the elected government who were given the job to negotiate the terms and have signally failed to do that and had to ask for extensions.

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I have heard lots and lots of comments from the Brexit side about democracy and how leaving the EU would return sovereignty to our Parliament (that was until Parliament disagreed with the deal that the Maybot signed up to without asking anyone else). There is a difference between voting in Parliament to get a better deal and then leaving than trying to ignore the vote to leave.

Lets look at what has lead to my puzzlement over how we ended up here today and my question about a democratic mandate.

At the referendum vote I recall something like 52% Voted to Leave and 48% to Remain. Of the 52% who voted to leave I am not sure that they all vote to leave at any cost ? I am pretty sure that this is not the case I am however pretty certain that the Remain vote is probably rock solid against "No Deal".

Since the Referendum Vote to leave there was another stab at democracy called a General Election which with the exception of a seedy deal with the DUP by Maybot took away her governments mandate to agree the terms (the exact opposite of what she hoped for of an increased majority to negotiate a deal suited to the aim of preserving the Conservative Party and to hell with what was best for the good of the country ). In essence at the last democratic vote the country DID NOT vote for a RIGHT WING government hell bent on a deal at any cost. How have we ended up with one?

It came about when one of the individuals in that government worked out with his chums that he could make a power grab and become PM without the approval of the country by simply undermining the current PM. All that then remained was to get the approval of >200,000 voters (not the country).

All he needed to do was align himself with the views of these voters (The Tory Party Membership) and to do this he needed to do a complete about turn on Brexit from Remain to Leave (something like St Paul on the road to Damascus). By attracting 64% of these voters to his cause we end up as a country with an unelected Right Wing Government hell bent on a deal that whatever the outcome will not harm them in the slightest and leave the tab to be picked up by ordinary people in my opinion.

I can already see the "another doom merchant" comments coming from the Brexit camp and in truth it is only my opinion that "No Deal" will be a disaster for us as a nation but for those who ignore the possibility of this being the case I hope you can live with the consequences you have brought about if it does turn out so badly.

Most people when they take a gamble do so with some sort of knowledge or a clue of what the outcome will be. I fear that in this case the Brexit vote that was taken without any sort of information of what we would end up with as a deal and was a huge mistake. Time as they say will tell and I will be more than happy to concede that I was wrong.