Letter: Labour’s bitter hate of anybody wealthy has not waned

This letter sent to the Star was written by Matthew Hobson, Wincobank, Sheffield

Friday, 10th January 2020, 7:20 am
Wentworth Woodhouse
Wentworth Woodhouse

With an enthusiastic interest in local history and politics, I was studying the recent history of the Earls Fitzwilliam and the Wentworth Estate.

In April 1946, Labour’s then Minister for Fuel and Power Manny Shinwell, ordered the open cast mining of a large part of the Wentworth Estate. This supposed decision was for the need for coal in the post war years to fuel the railways. However, it is now seen as a useful cover up for a class war, led by Shinwell’s utter contempt for the coal-owning aristocracy. His utter hate for the Fitzwilliam family was unabated, despite the admiration of the Earl by his own estate and pit workers.

The open cast mining of low quality coal was even excavated right up the the front door of the mansion. Even a pledge by the former Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond of £7.5 million to help with restoration, following major subsidence of this National Treasure, caused by the open cast mining, was met with jeers from the Labour MPs. I see that nothing has changed. Labour’s bitter hate of anybody wealthy has not waned.

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What Labour doesn’t understand about the “working class” is that overall we have no hate of the aristocracy or the mega rich. And given the recent majority won by the “Eton Rich Boy Brigade” Tories in working class areas, has proven that Labour’s Robin Hood policy of “take from the rich to give to the poor” didn’t really win over. Nor did their indecisive attitude towards Brexit. “We respect the will of the people” one day, then, “We will ask the people again to make sure they knew what they voted for”, the next. I fear that this lost Labour the Election.

I also fear… SORRY… I mean hope, that this Tory majority remains for the foreseeable future. I also hope, for Labour’s sake, that they continue on this suicidal movement of choosing inappropriate leaders, which indeed they will.

In my 32 years, I have seen little good come from a Labour Government… The Iraq war… damaging open door immigration… I can go on. And the many people I have spoken to who have lived many years longer than me have said the same thing, that under a Labour Government, things turn sour eventually.

The Tories aren’t perfect, but I’d rather Boris any day than Corbyn. The best post-Christmas present is still to come. Happy Brexit Day… now that is something to celebrate… 2020 what a year this will be.

Watch out world, Great Britain is here and ready for action.