letter: I/we put 100% of the blame on Mr Mothersole and his committee

This letter sent to the Star was written by Barbara Wood, 63 years old, Season ticket for over 40 years, S6

Tuesday, 20th August 2019, 1:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 27th August 2019, 7:08 am
Scenes on the concourse of HIllsborough's north stand. Picture: Rich Davies

After reading your online article it appears to me that Mr Mothersole of Sheffield City Council has taken our concerns as fans, to be that we blame the club. Absolutely not! He has used this article to twist what fans have said.

SWFC have had no option but to close Leppings Lane entrance/exit to North Stand home fans because of the stipulations that Sheffield City Council and South Yorkshire Police have imposed on them. This was not the Club’s decision, they have had to work within the criteria of the prohibition notice imposed on them and us. This being that all North Stand fans had to be ushered in and out of the ground by one gate.

Has nothing been learned from the deaths of 96 innocent people at a football game? As usual Sheffield City Council will not comment further, surprise surprise.

As fans we have been put in a dangerous situation, being forced to queue and spilling onto a dangerous dual carriageway to get in the ground and then queuing on the concourse, resulting in approximately 10,000 human beings then spilling back onto the same dual carriageway on the way out. Also many of us missed the kick off because of the increase of fans entering at only one end of the ground, which caused friction with security and fans.

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On Tuesday evening I arrived home 45 mins later than my normal after having to queue for over twenty minutes on the concourse.

I/we do not blame our football club, I/we put 100% of the blame on Mr Mothersole and his committee who are now trying to use your article for their own means. Ask Ms Wood and Mr Davies if they were blaming the club! They certainly were not, they were simply pointing out how this dangerous situation has been forced on us.

What we want as fans is to enter and leave our ground safely through two exits and leaving away fans in their seats for fifteen minutes. This can be done safely by announcing instructions over the tannoy during the second half of the game and possibly informing the EFL that because of our council’s decisions, this system has to be put in place for every game forthwith.

So Mr Mothersole and Sheffield City Council get your facts straight and stop blaming Mr Chansiri and Sheffield Wednesday Football Club for the incompetence of your ‘safety committee’ along with the participation of South Yorkshire Police.