The last word

Melanie Storer (right) is Marketing Manager at Sheffield based business solutions specialists the Holbrook IT Group. Melanie, aged 33, lives in Sothall, Sheffield with her 11-year-old daughter Sara.

The last book I read

I have just finished two very different books… Victoria Beckham's autobiography 'Learning to Fly' – it was quite a revelation, and made me realize that the perception I had of her previously was totally influenced by the media. The other was 'Trust Your Vibes' by Sonia Choquette – this is a fabulous book, very inspirational. It teaches us how to tap into our intuition and Sonia gives simple advice on connecting on a soul level…it made so much sense I began to make changes immediately, its difficult to put into words as I wasn't unhappy anyway but as a result I do feel so much more chilled.

The last CD I bought

It would have been Mika…although I'm always downloading stuff on iTunes. Recent albums are 'Left' by Eric Roberson, 'Version' by Mark Ronson, 'Hey Venus' by Super Furry Animals and Ne-Yo's latest album 'In My Own Words'. I have a very diverse taste in music; I have different music for different moods and occasions, or even times of the day.

The last film I saw

I took my daughter Sara to see Hairspray at the Cinema, she loved it but then she is only 11. Personally, I couldn't get to grips with John Travolta as a woman and that voice!…anyone who's seen it will know what I mean.

The last TV show I watched

It was Heroes, an American sci-fi drama about a group of people with super powers. I hardly watch T.V. although I make time if it is something worthwhile. Season 3 of Prison Break starts soon, so I will be hooked on that again…but I would much rather watch a good game of football.

The last place I visited

This year hasn't been one for travelling (so far), my focus has been on moving house…so I guess the last place I visited of any real significance was a Tattoo Studio!... It is small and discreet but it hurt like hell.

The last meal out

Was to Casanova, Italian restaurant in Crookes. The food and wine was fabulous, so was the company…it was a great night. I loved the contemporary environment and the wine bar; it will certainly become a regular for me.