Labour and business

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Why can some people not resist playing petty politics?

I am disappointed that supporters of other parties attack the local Labour council for being opposed to business because they dislike our local MP.

Never mind the damage caused by talking down a great place for business when there is chance to have a dig.

This week Ros Jones, the Mayor, and Caroline Flint MP are speaking at Doncaster’s first Business Forum.

Regardless of your politics, this is a positive move to work with the private sector so our town can grow and provide a great future for our children.

I hope that we can make partnerships work so local people can work with businesses, the council and other stakeholders to make us proud of Doncaster.

If you have better ideas, I am all ears but if you want to moan then it is time to grow up.

Real politics is not knocking poor Ed Miliband, as that is hardly original. It is about growing our economy.

If you think you can do better, then run a positive campaign in 2017’s local elections, as for now Doncaster people have chosen a Labour council who deserve a chance to make things better.

Michael Macdonald

Hooton Pagnell, Doncaster, DN5