Kindness in Sheffield is right on your doorstep - Editor's comment

You don’t have to hunt very far to find uplifting deeds, which is a good job since in lockdown it would literally need to be on your doorstep.

Tuesday, 5th January 2021, 5:57 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th January 2021, 12:42 pm
Johnny Sullivan- King clearing and gritting the road in Woodseats.

As we settle in for another lockdown – we can argue over the semantics of whether this is number two or three but it doesn’t make us feel better – it is those little things that will get us through.

It is kindness where you least expect it and it is those ever- reliable friends who call just to check how you are feeling. It comes from all sorts of places and people, sometimes when you least expect it. Team Sheffield has been pulling together since March to get through this awful pandemic, including vital members of The Star’s own team who rarely get a mention.

Hence today's photo of one of our newsboys in Woodseats. As you’ll be able to see, Johnny Sullivan-King was hard at work clearing and gritting the road after snow fell at the weekend.

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Why would a teenager do such a thing? To make it safe for people, obviously. This city is full of folk who do stuff, not because they have to or have anything to gain personally, but they want to help others.

What you might be surprised to hear is that Johnny wasn’t inundated with huge thanks from the drivers and passers-by who benefitted from his efforts. In fact, hardly anybody said anything at all. I guess that means while we are all happy to complain that people don’t help each other enough, we are all guilty of not repaying community spirit with so much as a smile.

We have a lot to learn from each other. The slippery path through this pandemic will be easier to navigate together. Your local newspaper has always been the best place to say thanks – so do call, email or write to me about whoever makes you feel grateful.

From me, it isn't just the delivery teams who trudge up to your letterbox whatever the weather or even the van drivers who ensure The Star gets to the newsagents. It is everyone, and I am so grateful for what they do to bring you the news.

I know you feel the same but one tiny, final appeal. Please don't go outside your house to greet your newspaper man or woman and take the paper from their hand. They love having a chat and hate me having to say this but, for now, we have to ask you to stay indoors and wait for the paper to come through the door. Stay safe.