Kids make tram journey a nightmare

Unlike a lot of people I dread the kids going back to school.

Monday, 3rd September 2007, 9:04 am
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2007, 11:55 am

Back to school means a nightmare trip to work each day on the tram. I catch the 7.40 tram at Birley Moor each morning and by the time I get on every seat has gone, mainly to a school child.

To add further insult the standing areas leave you buffeted by school children and their massive backpacks.

The noise alone is enough to give you industrial deafness.

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I have asked Supertram if they could set on a ‘school tram’ but they say they do not have enough trams.

Yet I pay full fare every day but most of the schoolchildren have passes. Is this good public relations?

I would like a ‘high up’ from Supertram to come with me one day to experience my journey and then see him do a day’s work after.

Pauline Williams, Birley Moor Way, Sheffield 12