Keep a watch on yout trees

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I would like to add my voice to the growing number of protesters objecting to the felling of mature trees in Rustlings Road.

Rustlings Road is not the only casualty here. We lost five beautiful limes on Marlborough Road about two months ago which were replaced by four saplings already looking droopy.

Clarkhouse Road too has trees condemned to be felled, (they may already have gone).

I was told by an Amey representative that this was a citywide project.

So may I say to Sheffield residents, keep a watch on your trees, they are in danger, not from disease but from our council.

May I congratulate Whitworth on his wonderful cartoon on this subject.

I wonder why London and other cities can keep city trees, some of which are much larger than ours?

The trees are the lifeblood of a city and not everyone can get out to parks, or have gardens, and the countryside isn’t available to all.

The trees in our streets bring a bit of real nature to us as well as providing homes for birds and other wildlife and cutting down the terrible air pollution that Sheffield is becoming notorious for.

Colleen Penny

by email