“Just give him his cards and his P45 and let him go”

This letter sent to the Star was written by Vin Malone, Gleadless Valley, S14

Friday, 17th January 2020, 11:31 am
Updated Friday, 17th January 2020, 11:47 am
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Photo Daniel Leal-Olivas /PA Wire

I, like millions of other people, just don’t care about the lives of the royals. Young Harry and his missus want to leave the comfortable fold of the royal enclave, so why all the coverage on TV and in the papers?

Just give him his cards and his P45 and let him go but make him pay back all the money spent on his cottage? That’s a joke, most people would give their eye teeth to live in such splendour, 10 bedrooms and all the servants that come with it. Its been mentioned that his father Charles makes enough money from his Duchy of Cornwall estates to support them. Now that statement alone raises my hackles, these estates which are his were stolen from the proper owners by the Normans after 1066.

The duchy was established on March 17, 1337 by the royal Great Charter out of the former Earldom of Cornwall by Edward III for his son, Edward, Prince of Wales, the “Black Prince”, who became the first Duke of Cornwall. The charter established that the Duke of Cornwall is to be the eldest surviving son of the monarch and the heir to the throne. Additional charters were issued later by Edward III. Subsequently they have been passed to and fro down the centuries as deemed by Edward III, never having paid a gold piece for any of the lands, it’s funny how things have changed if that happened today the thieves would be locked up.

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Have any of the royals actually bought anything themselves but after saying that they have been taking money from the royal purse for God knows how many centuries. Prince Charles being the present owner of the Duchy has under his control 46,000 and it generates an income of around £20 million per year, Charles didn’t pay any tax on this income because he is who he is. I would love to have just a portion of the interest generated by this huge income.

Let Harry and his wife leave and get jobs abroad but don’t continue to pay them for the privilege of being able to fly round the world at our expense. It takes me and her indoors a year to save enough for a fortnight’s holiday. I lay in my hammock at night dreaming of being able not to care about where my income’s coming from.

You may have worked out by now that I have no love for the royals, but they do generate money by just being what they are. Many, many visitors to England come to see the country but they mainly want to see the Queen and all the historic building of Britain. That’s the only plus I can see, but all the other nobodies who get money from the public purse should be turfed out of their comfortable homes and made to get jobs. First Mainline are looking for bus drivers, maybe they may consider this as a new career.