Jimmy Carr: 'It's the hypocrisy that stinks most' as Sheffield City Trust allows controversial comic to perform following Roy Chubby Brown debate

Of course, it’s the hypocrisy that stinks most. I’m referring to Sheffield City Trust’s decision to allow the comedian Jimmy Carr to perform at the City Hall this Saturday.

By Vulcan
Wednesday, 23rd March 2022, 11:14 am

It follows his ‘joke’ in a recent Netflix show about the killing of hundreds of thousands of Gypisies by the Nazis during the Second World War. A subject that you might imagine was off-limits.

Not for the notorious Carr, who specialises in sick gags. But as a middle-class boy in a posh suit, he gets away with claiming he’s being ironic.

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Sheffield City Trust has attracted criticism after allowing controversial comic Jimmy Carr (pictured) to perform, months after cancelling a Roy Chubby Brown show. (Photo by Lia Toby/Getty Images)

Anyway, his gist was that the extermination of Gypsies was one of the ‘positives’ of the Holocaust.

Horrible and and much, much worse than the blue and arguably outdated stuff from Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown.

Yet he was banned from appearing by the trust last October after an online petition – from people who mostly seemed to have nothing to do with Sheffield – and howls of indignation from the city’s woke politicians.

Chubby didn’t reflect the city’s ‘values,’ apparently.

Roy Chubby Brown was banned from appearing in Sheffield by the trust last October after an online petition. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

But, what, Jimmy Carr – who faces no similar sanction – somehow does?

Now, Vulcan thinks that policing comedy is a dangerous business. We all have different tastes and tolerances. The bottom line is that if you don’t like a comedian, don’t watch them.

But if there are limits at all, then having united everyone from Boris Johnson to the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust in condemnation, Jimmy Carr’s booking should also get canned.

Not a bit of it though.

Radio silence from Council Leader Terry Fox, who was perfectly happy to chirrup away about Chubby Brown.

Nada from Labour MP for Hillsborough, Gill Furniss, another woke warrior who wrote a letter saying the Chubster had ‘no place in a publicly funded venue.’

Even Sheffield’s Racial Equality Council has buttoned its lip and refused to be drawn on the matter (Begging the question, what is the point of their existence?)

It seems the Gypsies – just about the most marginalised group in society – are fair game for a smarmy comic like Carr, who loves ‘punching down’ – the term used to describe those picking on groups that can’t fight back.

Stung by the reaction to his joke, he has chickened-out from repeating it and promises to be a good boy.

This is enough for our mealy-mouthed politicians, who, it seems, have selective moral outrage.

Perhaps Carr is too lucrative to snub? Especially for the cash-strapped City Trust.

A case of when money talks, principle walks?

Our civic leaders like to talk about Sheffield being a ‘city of sanctuary.’

When it comes to standing up for the poor old Gypsies – and defending their own self-proclaimed values – it’s more like a city of sanctimony.