In the Saddle: Love me love my horse

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When I first met my husband I had just sold my horse and was on a break from horses. It's a longer story than that but I won't bore you with the details - suffice to say my husband had never seen me ride.

After returning from living away we bought our house with three stables and I think at that point he still had no idea what having a 'horsey' wife was going to be all about.

During the non-horse years together (around 4) he understood my love for them but it's only become apparent how he falls at the bottom of the pile next to my sheer obsession for the equine breed.

Now, our little seven year old daughter is becoming exactly like me and is truly a pony-mad little girl. I thought I might have convinced my husband to also take up the reins but he insists horses are not for him after sitting on my mare for two minutes and discovering, unlike cars, there are no definitive brakes!

I'm always found in boots and breeches (we have a boot room full to the brin with various riding boots and wellies!). I smell of horses and I'm always out in the back stuffing haynets or poo-picking the manure up if I'm not riding.

I think he can't remember the few years in the beginning of our relationship where I didn't waft of Eau De Horse and where I wore a normal pair of jeans. He has officially become a horse-widow and now our daughter talks nothing but of ponies.

Do I feel sorry for him? No. I clearly stated at the beginning I loved horses and these days with both my daughter and I outdoors he does get a chance at watching what he wants on TV. Yes, he has to drive us to competitions and pony club but the way I see it is he gets to enjoy a burger and chill out. He's also never stuck for what to buy me for a present either!

It really is a case of love me - love my horse (or these days - horses!).