"I'm not being blackmailed to go in a pub" - Readers discuss whether Covid passports are the right thing to do

In light of much news and social media discussion in recent weeks about the possibility of a Covid passport, we asked our readers whether they would support the rollout of such a requirement if it meant that the economy could fully reopen sooner.

Wednesday, 7th April 2021, 4:00 pm

Much of the talk around the scheme or requirement (if you will) focused on the implementation helping to prove that you've been vaccinated or tested negative for the virus, allowing you to attend football matches, go to night clubs or any other large scale gathering sooner rather than later.

And… this is what our readers had to say.

“Not saying I would agree with it but if it’s the only way. So be it. I am not spending another summer like the last” says Deborah Webster.

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A picture taken on March 3, 2021 in Paris shows a vaccine vial reading "Covid-19 vaccine" and a syringe next to an European passport. (Photo by JOEL SAGET / AFP) (Photo by JOEL SAGET/AFP via Getty Images)

Jean Hepplestone is of the opinion that; “It would cause too much hassle for anyone who had to enforce it. We would have security on every venue , even the local pub because if someone was refused entry there would be trouble. For travel, I think other countries and airlines would probably insist on it.”

Paul Inkles is firmly in the ‘No’ camp, as “it will cause too many complications. What about people that cant have the vaccine? Such as pregnant women etc. Also, my understanding of the vaccine was to protect the vulnerable. I see this as an indirect attempt to remove some freedoms...” Jonathan Revill responded to Paul, saying from“ what I've seen, proof of recent negative test could be used too. (Along with having covid in last 6 months)

So this means anyone could have the passport, not just those who have been vaccinated.”

Lee Sulph-owen added his view to the discussion; “we will also need exemption passports as well for those who can't have the vaccine such as pregnant women etc. I don't think you should need it to enter a supermarket but I think it would be great for pubs bars restaurants and travel abroad. Just because we have these passports doesn't mean everyone can start hugging and forgetting social distancing but it could mean a return to some normality.”

Stuart Nye responded saying; “There is a very big word in this question. IF. We are making this decision based on hope, but look around the world and it is easy to see what happens when populations are divided” — on that you are correct, to a degree. However No.10 (as of April 6) has also refused to rule out the possibility of it actually being put into place.

Samantha Leigh Weston says that; “I would rather people have a negative test passport, than the vaccine or had covid before. The vaccine was never meant to stop you getting covid it is a vaccine against getting severely ill and needing hospitalisation.”

Louise Godley said; “No, why make it ok for people who can still spread the virus and catch the virus, when it’s the same as someone who hasn’t had the vaccine, just because they are less likely to fall badly ill or die on the premises while enjoying the entertainment.”

Peter Welsh is not a fan, saying; “not ever. Total discrimination against freedom to choose your medical future, and those who hold your medical data.”

Deborah Bates does not see what all the fuss is about; “A covid passport is not just a vaccine card, it can also be a recent negative test or that you’ve had, and recovered from covid recently. So why is everyone arguing about whether you should or shouldn’t get vaccinated.”

Sid Hague says; “So I can work without a passport, go shopping without one, access all public services without one, travel on public transport without one, kids can got to school without one....doesn't make a lot of sense to me to need one for a pub after being able to do all that.”

And Chelle Cook firmly stated; “No, despite having had both injections, so don't call me an antivaxxer or any other rude name. I cannot support discrimination and the taking away of people's rights and the making of millions out of it by the government's friends. Plus, according to the govt scientists, the vaccines don't stop anyone catching it or spreading it, it only protects yourself from bad symptoms, so passports, certs, QR codes etc seem pretty pointless.”

Stuart Beever isn’t a fan; “vaccine passports would be a total waste of tax payers money, don't you think this government has wasted enough already with a failed track & trace system flawed testing, its ridiculous.”

Donna Danielle Stars replied saying; “What about the younger generation who aren’t able to book the vaccine yet? How is it fair to those age groups under 40?” and Paul Metcalf kept it short saying; “Not a chance. Stop testing the water.”

Finally, Paul Kingston said; “I'm not being blackmailed to go in a pub,av gorra luvli bakyard wen it's warm or a luvli settee wen cold/raining, simple.”

It’s fair to say opinion was split on the topic, with many saying ‘No’ and others saying ‘Yes’ and then a middle ground who were unsure of the benefits of the passport. “Wouldn’t a negative test be good enough”, mused a few of you. It would be the most rationale outcome with everyone able to get two tests a week from April 8. That’s good enough… surely?

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