“If the wind changes, you’ll stop like that” - Star Readers' share the little white lies that their parents told them

It’s a safe bet to say that most of our parents told us a porkie or two when we were little ‘uns. We asked our readers’ to share a selection of the little white lies that their parents had told them when they were younger.

Thursday, 20th May 2021, 11:22 am
Updated Thursday, 20th May 2021, 11:28 am

And this is what they had to share, fair to say there were some absolute belters. Thanks for sharing everyone:

Lesley Bamber O'Meara reminisces about her childhood; "Whenever we went on a long car journey and we asked “When are we there?” Dad would always say “Gotta go through Manchester yet”. No matter where in the country we were.”

"If you don't eat your vegetables, you won't grow!" wrote Rebecca Hardy “I had a growth spurt & ended up being over a ft taller than my class mates, who mocked me for being a giant. I refused to eat vegetables. Mum then lied & said I'd start shrinking if I didn't continue to eat vegetables. Which I believed as my class mates started their growth spurts” — so, she was technically right then?

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Mother whispering to her child.

“Don’t touch the lines on the back window in the car because it’ll electrocute you, don’t think my Dad wanted sweaty fingerprints on the glass”, Paul Tug Wilson’s Dad was quite the role model for car cleanliness — what a hero. And, Norrie Ann McNamara’s parents went straight for the classic festive threats; “Father Christmas won't bring you anything”. Another one of the classics of that ilk was the old carrot adage shared by Sandra Roseman, “Eat ya carrots they’ll make ya see in dark”, which quite a few of you recalled (fondly?), maybe it is true though… “you don't see rabbits wearing glasses” said Jenny Mason’s parents.

Alix Crossland shared the amusing get out of spending money excuse (how very Yorkshire), “When the ice cream man plays his tune he’s run out of ice cream”, to be fair I still hear it being used now. “Don't sit too close to the tele, you'll get square eyes”, said Lucy Kent… how’s that going for you these days? My mum used to say that to me all the time as well — I’m one of the only family members without glasses.

Paul Hinch (and a few more of you) shared the always awfully sad, “The dog is at a farm and will have a good life playing with the other animals.”

Another one that made us chuckle was “That if we lied our forehead would turn green”, well that’s what Jane Adams’ parents used to say. Which is the complete opposite of what Luke Spooner’s parents used to say, “There wasnt any white lies it was just a simple "behave before tha gets a good hiding" — if you don’t listen then you must feel, I guess. Finally, here’s one that many of you had also heard over the years, as shared by Steven Spencer, “If the wind changes, you will stay like that!” Parents could be so cruel at times, but I suppose it could be worse… as shared by Katy Birks, whose parents said they were “Going to see a man about a dog”.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t feature all of your comments as amusing as they were… but you can check out the rest on Facebook and on Twitter.