“I think I’m even smarter than a bit of plastic and a few wires”

This letter sent to the Star was written by Alan Smith, Sheffield, S8

Friday, 17th January 2020, 11:06 am
Updated Friday, 17th January 2020, 11:27 am
Domestic Energy Smart Meter Picture: Adobe Stock

Where do I start in my reaction to Mr Martin’s ‘truth’ about energy smart meters?

Like, as I suspect 99.9 per cent of the rest of the country, I have never heard of the UN Earth Summit of 1992 and in particular, ‘Agenda 21’, but let’s assume that what is stated is correct. It is then still a quantum leap to assert that if something is declared as ‘unsustainable’, to then deem that ‘it must be stopped’.

How about going to the other end of the spectrum and asserting ‘we can work together to make this sustainable’?

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I’m as cynical as the next person when it comes to politicians’ promises, summit joint statements, survey poll results etc. etc. but to even suggest that smart meters are part of some secret world master-plan intended to monitor if, say, we put the electric blanket on 30 minutes too early, is just preposterous.

The thought also that my energy supply may be remotely cut off if I exceed my energy ‘quota’… well, words fail me!

I believe we have heard these dystopian rantings before from Mr Martin about what is likely to befall us all but I’m not losing any sleep just yet – not while I can have my electric blanket on anyway!

For the record, I do not have a smart meter myself but only because I think I’m even smarter than a bit of plastic and a few wires. I know if I’m too hot or my energy bill is too high what I need to do… without some gizmo telling me the blindingly obvious.