‘I have got used to wearing one now’; Sheffield Star readers react to prediction that masks will be needed until late next year

Roll-out of the vaccine began earlier this month, but we won't be able to get rid of face masks just yet.

Monday, 14th December 2020, 3:38 pm

A top scientist has said face masks will still be needed late into next year, as masks are an additional safety measure to prevent viral transmission.

This is what Sheffield Star readers think about this.

Lee Stringer predicted that masks would be worn more in future.

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A person in Sheffield city centre wearing a mask. Picture Scott Merrylees

He said: “ It’s definitely more socially acceptable to wear a mask in public now. I think they may even be introduced into hospitals during peak flu or Covid seasons.”

Mark Algar said he’d be happy to continue wearing a mask as long as necessary.

She said: “If it saves lives, prevents lockdowns and saves jobs then absolutely.”

Robert Marshall agreed with Mark.

He said: “If it helps people such as my parents not catching Covid I’ll wear one for as long as advised to do so. It’s not really a hardship putting a mask on to help yourself and others is it. Each to their own opinion though.”

Matthew Chapman, however, thought people would not put up with wearing masks for much longer.

He said: “If you think people will do this past Easter, you’re having a giraffe!”

Andrea Matkin said: “I don’t object to wearing one at all, but they don’t seem to have made that much of a difference.”

Steve Pritchard said: “If that is what it takes to keep people safe it's no hardship to save lives.”

Pamela Raybould said: “I have got used to wearing one now, so yes I will.”

Richard Andrew Sword said he’s be willing to wear one until the next festive season.

He said: “If that means celebrating Christmas with my loved ones again next year then i’ll wear it till next Christmas if I have to.”

Billy Marsh questioned why masks had not been used before to help control other diseases.

He said: “Why wasn’t anyone wearing masks last year when the flu hospitalised thousands and there were a record number of deaths caused by flu?”

Wanda Scruton said: “Absolutely, (I would continue to keep wearing a mask) to keep my family safe and that of others. We all have a duty to care for one another.”