I expect a clean smell free bus

Vin Malone

Thursday, 7th February 2019, 05:56 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 17:07 pm
Dirty bus seat sent in by Vin Malone

Gleadless Valley, S14

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So once again bus fares have been increased to a ridiculous amount which tests the pocket of low earners.

On Friday, February 1, my wife and I took the 56 bus from Spotswood Mount to town, a journey that used to take ten minutes now it’s double that because of people boarding the bus with twenty pound notes or ten pound notes, is it so hard to get the right fare when getting on the bus? The weekly or monthly passes also take up time when bought on the bus, it all causes the bus to be late, it’s not the drivers fault, all he's doing is what the bus company want. Back to Friday, we always climb to the upper deck as I like to drive! On taking the front seat on the left, I glanced across to the seat opposite and I couldn't believe my eyes, someone, a child or adult had spilt something on the seat, pop, coffee or something not very nice, anyway you could plainly make out the drying rings during its drying up process, I asked my better half just how long had it been there, so why are these buses not cleaned? We pay enough in fares to be able to travel in a clean comfortable bus, I'm sure everybody has seen the mess left by schoolchildren, crisp packets, bread crust, sweets just thrown everywhere, gum spat on the the ledge under the front upper deck window, I do use this term with trepidation but young mothers give toddlers in prams packets of crisps which invariable get strewn on the floor because mum is trawling through Facebook while completely ignoring their children.

The worse bus company by far by not cleaning the buses is First, Stagecoach buses are very clean and a pleasure to travel on, First should stop eating anything on their buses apart from small sweets, drinks hot or cold, sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls etc. should be stopped, I've seen young toddlers spill an entire bag of crisps on the floor and the teenage mother just left the mess and pushed her pram off the bus, just what are they like at home? Paying over two pounds to ride to town under two miles away, I expect a clean smell free bus.