'I don’t mind helping other people from around the globe, but sorry, Sheffield people come first'

This letter to The Star is from Linda Mary Luke, Kettwig, Germany

Monday, 25th March 2019, 11:19 am
Updated Thursday, 28th March 2019, 6:47 am
The homeless rate could be higher than official figures suggest

Re Valerie Rock letter, you are absolutely right Valerie, times were different in Sheffield. Other than Pond Street Nora, God bless her and rest her soul, I saw no-one on the streets of Sheffield back then.

Nowadays every street corner is filled with homeless people, characterised as rough sweepers, druggies, the lost and forgotten.

The problem is that the Sheffield City Council know there’s a homeless problem, but choose to leave such matters to charities rather than deal with the problem themselves.

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They’re too busy saving asylum seekers, immigrants from around the globe, promoting its image of ‘Sheffield the city of sanctuary.

What a joke!

Some 75 people this month have been taken on, housed, clothed, fed and watered, while our people lay in the streets.

Something is badly wrong here, and no-one dare say anything for fear of being accused of racism.

Sheffield has a huge drug problem, the benefit system is in favour of lost souls from around the globe and its own people are left to their own devices, I’m afraid.

Some one has to say this, and I will stand up for Sheffield people, we are these days way down the pecking order.

I returned to bury my younger brother a while ago and was shocked and appalled how many young people there were lying on the streets of Sheffield.

I made it my business to find out why.

I was told by many that immigrants took preference, benefits had stopped for them, and they were way down the pecking order.

I don’t mind helping other people from around the globe, but sorry, Sheffield people come first!