How Sheffield's Heart of the City development will bring the city centre back to life

The scheme, which is expected to be complete by the end of 2023, will finally give people a reason to come to the city centre.

By Alex Wilkinson
Tuesday, 9th November 2021, 12:38 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th November 2021, 12:38 pm

Although it looks a mess now whilst it is under construction, the Heart of the City development is going to be fantastic for Sheffield city centre.

The scheme will bring people to the city centre whether that is for living, office work, entertainment, food and drink or retail, which in turn will drive a big economic boost to the city centre.

Currently people come into the city centre to work or to shop and then come straight home. The Heart of the City development will give people a reason to stay, giving people something to do in the evenings, such as eat and drink and live entertainment. Finally the space between going home from work and nightlife will be filled with something for people to do in the city centre.

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A masterplan view of the Heart of the City development

The scheme will also bring businesses back to the city centre. Currently, the city centre is lacking as many businesses have no reason to come into the city centre, but now, the scheme will offer them great work space, and the improvements brought by the scheme will mean these business want to be in the city centre, such as HSBC and CMS who have already moved into the newly opened Grosvenor House.

Businesses returning to the city centre will improve business not only for themselves, but for existing businesses who will reap the rewards of the increased amount of people in the city centre.

New developments such as Kangaroo Works residential building and Radisson Blu hotel will mean a new community of people living in the city centre, which will again be brilliant for businesses in the city centre.

People will also want to stay when they are in the city centre too, with brand new facilities offering food, drink, entertainment and lots more.

Grosvenor House, opened in 2019, home to Weekday and Monki retail stores

Cambridge Street Collective is one I’m personally looking forward to. It will be a food hall and entertainment venue ran by The Milestone Group who already own the popular Cutlery works food hall and The Milestone Pub in Sheffield.

Although the city centre is not in its best state currently, it will be worth the wait for the Heart of the City development to be complete.

Cambridge Street Collective, set to be complete by late 2022