Here’s why Sheffield people think Mi Amigo star Tony Foulds should receive an honour

Star readers have been united in praising Mi Amigo star Tony Foulds after thousands of Sheffielders watched the incredible anniversary tribute last week – here are some of the best letters on the subject.

Wednesday, 27th February 2019, 11:46 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th February 2019, 11:50 am
Mi Amigo flypast at Endcliffe Park in Sheffield. Friday February 22nd 2019. Picture: Chris Etchells

I love visiting Sheffield and will find the memorial next time I’m visiting.

Great to see such a fine tribute to very brave aviators.

Mi Amigo flypast at Endcliffe Park in Sheffield. Friday February 22nd 2019. Picture: Chris Etchells

Amazing times, bravery-never to be forgotten.

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Dave Burrows



Mi Amigo Memorial Service,Endcliffe Park,Sheffield. Pictured is a tearful Tony Foulds...........Pic Steve Ellis

Fantastic dedication

The flypast for the Mi Amigo crew was brilliant, we were lucky as they flew over Gleadless Valley and we had a grandstand view of it all from our veranda.

Thanks to Dan Walker for making it happen and what dedication Tony Foulds has shown.

If footballers, cricketers and other sports people can get awards for a single performance, I just hope this great, dedicated man is recognised for his constant unwavering care for the crew of Mi Amigo. Well done Tony.

Vin Malone

Gleadless Valley, S14


He should have a plaque

Tony Foulds deserves a plaque somewhere in Sheffield.

J Potts

Hillsborough, S6


A sense of pride

A sense of pride was had by all as the flypast of military planes to mark the 75th anniversary of the American B17 flying fortress which crashed into Endcliffe Park.

I’ve known people get a knighthood for a lot less than what Tony Foulds has achieved.

The man is a star, not only in this country but the United States of America.

Good on yer buddy.

EB Warris

Sheffield, S14


Better signs to memorial

What a wonderful tribute to the brave and unselfish crew of the Mi Amigo and the dedication of Tony Foulds in the upkeep of the memorial.

Can I , through The Star, respectfully ask that as an extension to the work they have put into the project, Sheffield Council provide more direction signs to the site?

As far as I am aware there is only one sign pointing to the memorial, which at a junction in the path,disappears.

This is on the approach from the Hunters Bar roundabout area. There is nothing when approaching from any other route.

I have known about the story for many years but it was only on seeing Dan Walker’s broadcast that I could detect where it was, behind the cafe.

If people cannot find it then I fear after Tony is no longer able to carry on with his excellent work that the memory could be lost to future generations.

Ian Hall



A genuine gentleman

I think Tony Foulds deserves a Knighthood for his dedication to the heroes Mi Amigo memorial. What a lovely genuine gentleman Tony is.

Sylvia Clark

Sheffield, S5


Awesome sight

Through your paper I would like to thank Tony Foulds and Dan Walker and everyone involved in the Mia Amigo flypast.

My friend and I stood with a group of people at the junction of Eastbank Road and Daresbury Avenue. We had a wonderful view over Sheffield, the planes approached from behind us, what an awesome sight. Reluctantly we left after the perfect start to a Friday morning.

Wendy Bishop and Sara Clayton

Sheffield, S12


Please start a campaign

I don’t need to tell you how emotional watching the flypast was.

What an incredible moment. All I want to say is please can you start a campaign to get Tony Foulds recognised in some way for his dedication to the memory of the US airmen.

Debbie Yates



Second flypast

Special and memorable occasion it may have been but all the back-slapping and emotional tears still left me slightly disappointed with the 75th anniversary flypast over South Yorkshire today, (Friday, February 22).

Situated up above Sheffield’s Endcliffe Park to get a better vista was a good plan but for the planes just to fly over was a shame in my eyes.

Was it some silly man in a silly politically-obsessed health and safety office who said ‘No’ to a second flypast?

Surely the planes could have done a full circle around the city, thus giving the thousands who’d made the journey a better glimpse?

It was all over in a few of minutes and I for one was a little saddened by it all.

If there is another event on this scale many veterans may not be with us anymore, and when you think of all the money chucked at moronic BBC presenters, football players, pundits, and fat cat CEOs surely extra funds could’ve been flown in to make events like this just a bit more memorable?

Britain is very happy to give billions away in foreign aid yet when an occurrence like this happens pockets and wallets seem to close far quicker than they should.

Roy Goodall

Matlock, Derbyshire


He deserves an honour

I have been very impressed and deeply moved by Tony’s story. Despite his intense feelings of guilt, which is fully understandable, I feel he is deserving of an honour.

I have no idea how one goes about this, but your organisation should do.

I am more than happy to have my name added to any list of support.

Andrew Peacey