Here are 17 tips from The Star readers’ for new students in Sheffield – “Come a few days early. Sheffield goes into gridlock”

This weekend marks the great pilgrimage for many students up and down the country, as students make their way to their university digs for the year ahead we asked The Star readers’ what advice they’d give to the incoming freshers.

Friday, 17th September 2021, 12:25 pm

Here’s a selection of their thoughts on what you need to know and what you definitely shouldn’t do:

Stewart Lake is clearly one for uplifting and morale boosting comments, he said “Should have got an apprenticeship”.

Lynda Dagnall-Bryan had some clear pearls of wisdom that she wished to share, “Keep focussed on your chosen career & put the work in. Your career will NEVER turn round & tell you it doesn’t love you any more!” and this response received a number of approvals.

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"Don’t do drugs” says Ryan Godbehere, and he’s right.

Meanwhile Adam Wragg got straight to the point, “Wear a rubber” and Andrew Busta Smith added, “Work hard, play even harder”

Timmy Lumsden says that students should, “Demand what you want from your university, don't allow them to fob you off, ever! You're paying them, they're there to serve you. Good luck.”

Some lovely words here from Rosey Andrassy, who said; “When the going gets tough, deadlines collide and it seems to be a uphill struggle, focus on the end game...keep your eyes on the goal, where you want to go and what you want to be....and put your hand to the plough and don't give up”, and she’s right.

Michael Lawrence responded saying, “Make the most of your opportunity and also remember to have fun.”

Anjum Ahmed offered this bit of advice, “Don't drink more than you can handle and expect someone to help you clean up your sick”, no lies detected.

In some of the best advice so far, Caroline Harding recommended that students should, “Come a few days early. Sheffield goes into gridlock.” Very true. It was an opinion shared by Ryan Benson, who said “Half of you move in this weekend and half next weekend, every year you all move in on the same day and no one can drive anywhere.” Speaking from experience here.

Another bit of advice that is both responsible and safe came from Mel Machin, who noted that you should, “Keep your eye on your pint at all times.”

And another safety tip comes from Ann Gregory “Don't look at your phone and not the road while crossing”… Green Cross Code folks.

University isn’t all about drinking or reading books, noted Colin Davies, “Get out into the Peak District and breath in the fresh air. Enjoy the journey!”

Here is a great tip that will see many first-year students reap dividends, “Do one really long day every week in the library. It makes the rest of the course far more manageable.” Cheers Mark Earl.

Another tip here… although perhaps a tad irresponsible, even if moderately factual was shared by Carla Smith, who said, “Drink as much as you can whilst you hangovers are mild… it won’t last”

And finally… Melissa Beckett added that “You don't need those fluffy socks from Primark. You already have 7 pairs.”