Here are 15 things that will always annoy us, without fail - according to our readers

If there’s one thing we all love to do, it’s having a good moan about something or other. We thought we’d find out what mithers (irritates or bothers) our Sheffield readers.

Friday, 25th June 2021, 4:33 pm
Updated Friday, 16th July 2021, 4:17 pm

Sometimes it’s just nice to have a little grumble and get something off your chest. So, we asked our readers what were the little things that always annoyed them without fail, and here are some of the responses we received:

Susan Wilson replied saying, “People not putting the centre of a toilet roll in the bin, they put it on the top instead.”

Graham21 from Twitter said, “Parents driving their children right up to the school gate, endangering other children and all to save them walking for two minutes.”

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Sheffield city centre. Picture: Chris Etchells

Jo-Anne Thompson just cannot bide, “People eating very noisily, especially people who are old enough to know better.”

Stacey Michelle Gibson concocted the list of all lists with her reply; “Not putting the lid back on the toothpaste. Not putting the toilet seat down. Not changing the bog roll when it’s run out. Slow walkers. Ignorant people. People who stand chatting while your trying to get past like you’ve got all the time in the world .. people in general” — ‘Stacey for Prime Minister’ we say.

Dean Keith added, “How about people not putting the seat back up when they've used it?”

Patricia Lodge can’t help but shake her head when she sees, “Parents letting toddlers out of their pushchairs, (where they are safe) and allowing them to run around while they are transfixed on their phones.”

David Manger only wishes for one thing to be a part of anyone’s day, “Manners. A little please or thank you never hurt anyone.”

Stephen Acaster can’t avoid getting his back up when, “People trying to interrupt or talk over you while you are talking to someone else.”

Terence Timmins is continually annoyed by experiencing, “BMW's not having indicators.... How do MOT inspectors not spot this…?” We see what you did there.

Kerry Gelder replied saying, “Lots of things but biggest is people not putting things back where they got them from!” — do you feel better after sharing that now? Hope so.

Rich0131 from Twitter said, “Speeding drivers in built up areas grate me to the fullest” — hard agree.

Dave Marriott is always annoyed by, “People who say ”You know what I mean? All the time“ to which Helen Hinchliffe replied, “I know what you mean.”

Jojo Snelgrove has not time nor patience for, “Sunday drivers still out on Mondays” — this is actually a thing, we feel your frustration and pain.

Simon Dell wrote, “my wife stacking the tea, coffee, sugar pots in a pyramid”, but in what order Simon?

Finally, Robert Reeve said, “Stupid questions on Facebook”, we agre… HEY!