Hague criticised

I am rather surprised that the one Tory worthy of any credibility, ex-leader and loser William Hague, has now officially joined the rest of his 'nasty' party by his ranting outburst when opening the Tory Party Conference in Blackpool.

No doubt panicking and trying to cloak themselves in Margaret Thatcher’s clothes in a bid to lift delegates’ spirits, he name-checked her eight times, as he tried to re-claim her from New Labour despite her endorsement of Gordon Brown and going as far as saying to the Prime Minister, “You are no Margaret Thatcher”, I would reply, “Thank god for that”.

I assume he was blaming Brown for giving us record levels of employment, low interest and inflation levels, minimum wage etc, and creating one of the richest economies in Europe, if not the world. I am surprised William Hague, has decided to lower himself and join the rest in gutter politics.

Terry Palmer, South Lea Ave, Hoyland