Great chance, Gordon

Within days of my grandson's birth a serious medical condition was detected and five days later he was in Great Ormond Street Hospital. Immediately he embarked on a lifetime's course of medication. Now, at four months, he is thriving and stands a good chance of leading a normal life. We are so grateful for this care.

Contrast this speed and efficiency with the back-tracking of the leaders of 189 countries who at the Millennium agreed upon eight development goals to deal with disease, hunger and poverty.

In child health alone, rather than die before their fifth birthdays, 30 million children could be saved from Malaria, HIV/Aids, TB, and Diarrhoeral diseases.

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These Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) should be a priority of Gordon Brown’s government.

The world has such opportunities through these 189 powerful nations to:

1. Strive to eradicate hunger and poverty.

2. Achieve universal primary education.

3. Promote gender equality and empower women.

4. Reduce child mortality.

5. Improve maternal health.

6. Combat Aid/HIV, malaria and other diseases.

7. Ensure environmental sustainability.

8. Develop a global partnership for development.

We’ve got the chance!

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