Go back to having a survey on taxis

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M Durkin

Sheffield, S10

A few words on the subject of station taxis.

I was a hackney cab driver in Sheffield for more than 30 years and to the best of my knowledge you had to pay a levy to ply for hire on the station.

In those days there was a limit on how many cabs could wait on the forecourt.

This was before the major alterations were done making the approach to the station very difficult for either cars or cabs.

Over the proceeding year’s the council would request a survey be carried out to see if the number of cabs on the road was sufficient for the amount of work that was available on the taxi ranks. I believe that this was stopped sometime ago.

So this meant that the licensing department at the council was receiving more funds as the limitation was no longer in place, meaning more cabs on the road and less space for cabs as no new ranks were available.

Trying to get into the station is a no-brainer as not a lot of thought went into the planning of the station rank. You have a feeder rank which backs onto the side of BC Funeral Home.

Why not use the space that was once Dyson House and is still empty?

The only people to blame are Sheffield City Council for being greedy and wanting more money, then coming up with stupid ideas.

Go back to having a survey done as in years gone by.