From the Editor - Aren’t some issues bigger than merely playing politics?

I have heard from more Sheffielders angry about politics over the last couple of weeks than ever before.

Friday, 30th October 2020, 4:32 pm
How on earth can hungry kids be a politicial issue? It is life and death for far too many of the very youngest Sheffielders. Image: PA

What is remarkable about this isn’t what problem unites them, it is that they are all annoyed that politics is being brought into what they see as non-politicial debates. Even more worth noting is that this is not just a single issue.

I have even had readers say they will no longer read The Star because they believe it is either too far right or left – yes, over the years I’ve had equal complaints of both.

So let me explain. For some reason, whatever we write about covid is branded as politicial. It even happens when we are simply reporting facts and figures, the attacks come regardless.

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We are used to this on social media. It is always awash with conspiracy theorists and common sense around this awful pandemic is simply drowned out right now. But everybody seems to be being dragged in and finding it painfully inescapable.

It is my strongly held belief that demanding more funding from the government for this city’s desperate independent businesses isn’t political. We would do it no matter who was in power.

Criticising the council when they don’t fight this city’s corner hard enough or loudly enough isn’t political. Your local newspaper has been doing that for 140 years and it will always be part of our role, holding those in power to account when they misread those they represent.

Then you come to hungry kids. How on earth can this be a politicial issue? It is life and death for far too many of the very youngest Sheffielders – but just that statement will be read by some as supporting one party or the other.

Considering how long The Star has been reporting on child poverty and the stories we have written about children who die of malnutrition in this city, I regard anybody who sees this as a modern day political attack as sadly uninformed.

But discussion is always healthy and I welcome your emails, letters and phone calls as always.

One of the things I love most about The Star is that our readers are never backwards at coming forwards so whatever your views – whether they are political, not or up for debate – please keep them coming.