Flowers? We don't even get a clean-up

The traffic island at Firth Park:I refer to the photograph of the traffic island at Firth Park and Peter Price's challenge to name 'a better Sheffield shopping centre or flower-laden traffic island'.

Tuesday, 11th September 2007, 12:52 pm

This is simply not possible due to the fact that we are not all provided with the funding to do so.

Firth Park can also boast a state of the art school, new computers, etc etc, but only at the expense of many other areas.

In Stannington we even missed out on a basic clean-up of the area, as money 'simply ran out' when it was our turn.

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So come on, Peter Price. You have nothing to boast about, get real and allocate OUR money more fairly.

P M Nutton, Church Street, Stannington