Fewer buses means more cars on road

Please find below comments I have submitted today to Travel Sheffield about my experience of using public transport.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 15th December 2015, 5:54 am

I was so angry at being unceremoniously dumped at Malin Bridge I had to voice my frustrations.

I can’t understand such a short-sighted policy being implemented.

I got on an 81 at Banner Cross travelling to Acorn Drive, Stannington. Arrived at bus stop at 15:39, bus due at 15:43, arrived at 15:55. Not ideal but could cope with this. Got to town to be told as the bus was running late it would stop at Malin Bridge.

The queues waiting for a bus were miles long and even had I got off the bus I would not have been able to get on the next bus. Buses were going past ‘out of service’ obviously going up the hill to turn around and come back into town. People at Hillsborough corner had been waiting since 15:15. Absolutely shocking service.

Yesterday I got the tram at 16:45 from University to Malin bridge. The Sl2 which was previously an excellent service is now no longer fit for purpose. Instead of linking with the trams as before three trams had come and gone before the bus arrived.

This is a self-fulfilling prophecy – fewer buses means more cars on the road which means buses get later and later as they are held up in traffic.

The people of Stannington deserve better than this. If buses can’t keep to their scheduled times and routes during the day what chance do they stand at peak times?

Chris Riggall

by email