Editor: Time to discover things you enjoy with people you love

Welcome to the weekend. A long weekend, indeed, and a sunny one, we’re led to believe.

Monday, 31st May 2021, 6:46 am
Telegraph and Star buildings through the ages on the corner of York Street and High Street.

The children have finished school for the half term holiday, not that they particularly need a break considering how much they have missed, but their teachers most certainly do. And for the first time in what feels like forever, we can get together in the warm with our nearest and dearest.

What a glorious feeling.

Even with the option of being able to travel to other areas of the country, nothing beats being able to visit all those Steel City haunts that we have so passionately missed and see all those Sheffield folk off the screen and in real life.

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This city is packed with entertainment inside and out, museums that make you burst with pride and culture that helps define us as a place to love. Our parks are incredible and we can certainly be safe while enjoying ourselves in so many public spaces.

Can we or can’t we go to certain areas of the coast… who knows? The government clearly doesn’t and my heart really does go out to all those seaside towns who were hoping to benefit from staycations but now are teetering confusingly on the edge of an unofficial lockdown.

Whatever your plans, I hope you find things to do that you will enjoy with people who you love … or at least like quite a bit. And, of course, put a chunk of time aside to read your Star Weekend. I think it is a very good read and I hope you agree. You will undoubtedly learn things about your own city, past and present. I did, thanks to the efforts of not only our journalists but experts from across the city. It might also give you some inspiration for places to visit, new things to try and food or drink to taste. After all, if we’re doing it for Sheffield, we should all treat ourselves more than a little bit.

I am always keen to get feedback from our readers and I have missed my numerous conversations from when we used to be able to hold events or drop-in sessions. Your opinions matter more than anything because this is your local paper. I am extremely proud to be editor but I am only a custodian – The Star started in 1887 and will be around long after I’ve moved on … thanks to the support of your and generations of Sheffield families.