Editor: Political unity is needed to tackle this national crisis

Household costs are rising and hitting families hard in the pocket. The worst thing is all the warnings indicate this is just the beginning, prices are likely to soar much further in the coming months.
Utility bills are rising fastUtility bills are rising fast
Utility bills are rising fast

This won’t be easy for anybody.

Nobody wants their gas and electric bills to increase by 50 per cent as is being predicted.

We are already feeling it when we put petrol in our cars, pay increased prices to travel on public transport, fork out more for groceries and just about everything.

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For many of us it is annoying, but we are the fortunate ones. For others it is utterly devastating.

Nobody should have to choose between whether they buy food or turn on the radiators. Eat or heat just shouldn’t a question in 2022.

The Star will be working hard to keep this issue in the spotlight. It will impact all of our lives but, as usual, those at the bottom of the pecking order will feel it most.

If you are struggling, please don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are numerous charities and support organisations in Sheffield who can make a difference and talk you through all the options.

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Politicians are well aware of this huge, rising problem. Yet there isn’t any sign of any solutions being unveiled. It actually isn’t an easy issue to solve.

Labour has demand action. The Conservatives have promised to do something. Yet such is the importance of this matter, it calls for cross party support to get to the root of it.

Those in power should work together to bring the best possible solutions before more families find themselves in a situation that is beyond repair.

This is a national crisis. We may have had more than our fair share of those in recent months but none that has hit home financially quite like this one.

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Time is off the essence on a problem that continues to rise when the solution evades everyone.

But amid all the complexity, there are two things we all know for sure. Firstly, there are worrying times ahead for your average family. Secondly, when the energy companies unveil their profits you can be sure they will be just as large as they always are. That is why action must be taken at government level, and fast.