Editor: Perfect recipe to celebrate the tastiest city in the world

Food … we just love it! It literally keeps us alive but does so much more than that. It makes our hearts sing with joy and brings us together for good times.

By Nancy Fielder
Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 6:45 am
Food review of Whitley Hall Hotel in north Sheffield. Pan Roast Scottish Salmon. Picture Scott Merrylees
Food review of Whitley Hall Hotel in north Sheffield. Pan Roast Scottish Salmon. Picture Scott Merrylees

There are so many incredible foodmakers in Sheffield We are overflowing with cafes and restaurants, driven by independent city entrepreneurs, which never fail to impress.

Our communities and neighbourhoods boast gorgeously internationally talents, as well as cooking skills which you will only find right here.

We are also blessed with an abundance of fantastic ingredients, grown by humble gardeners. Some of that is very small scale and takes place quietly in our back yards. Much magic takes place on our allotments and those skills haven’t diminished through the generations. And there are also big scale food producers who offer employment, boost the economy and whisk up deliciousness.

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It doesn’t matter what your tastes, you will find things to tickle your tastebuds in every corner.

But as a city and as families, most are now finally starting to take our responsibilities seriously. We have a big health problem created by eating the wrong kinds of food – and too much of it! Sheffield is packed with organisations and charities dedicated to easing the pressure of food creation on the environment.

More than a quarter of all food ends up in the bin, yet there are children starving. We must all take action as individuals but even that can be done in the most delicious ways. We will be working with experts to show the way and help us all make changes.

Our journalists have always worked hard to champion food organisations across the city but today The Star is launching our first dedicated food section. It will be included in your paper every Wednesday and I would love you to be involved.

Have you eaten somewhere worth shouting about? What ingredient can you not do without? Is there a family recipe in your home which deserves to be shared more widely? Which Sheffield foodie opinions do you want to read?

As long as it is edible, nothing is off limits.

We will be backing everyone from market traders to silver service restaurants, and everything in-between. I hope you’ll join us for this feast of the senses.