Editor: Nothing else is as valuable as spending time together

If you go anywhere nice at the minute, there is one sight which is almost guaranteed to greet you.

By Nancy Fielder
Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 6:46 am
Updated Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 6:52 am
It's good being back together
It's good being back together

It is the heartwarming reunion of multiple generations of one family.

We have been kept apart for so long that these precious moments are something everyone will treasure.

You can hear the conversations in every park and pub garden, particularly while the sun shines. There is a joy in the voices and an excitement which is not just reserved for the young.

Grandparents play such an important part in the lives of those children who are lucky enough to spend time with theirs. One of the saddest elements of families being spread all over the world these days is that lack of physical contact and those daily words of wisdom.

When we had to be separated for safety during the pandemic, even those who live just a few minutes’ walk from their grandparents began to appreciate the pangs of separation.

It isn't just advice and lived experience that is shared but fun, laughter and those positive moments that can't be recreated outside of your own, slightly crazy family.

Then there are the things which your parents would never have dreamed of letting you do as a child but they're more than happy to let your children go for it.

Spoiling grandchildren, that's not even possible is it? Too many sweets? That depends which generation is buying. Late bedtimes? What else are sleepovers at granny's house made for?

We all remember the special things and places which live on in our hearts long after the elders in the family have passed on. It is a unique relationship and one which is all too often cut short.

Both sides gain so much from each other and share those cheeky secrets from the hard working parents in the middle.

There are so many stories of returning to school to share and so many treats which are ready to be bestowed in person. There are even babies who have put in appearances during lockdown.

You can spot that look of utter satisfaction and contentment on the faces of families across Sheffield right now.

It has been a long time coming and we will never again take living around the corner for granted.

Make time no matter how busy you might fear you are because nothing else is this valuable.