From the editor: 'New shoots showing hope are smaller pieces of a big jigsaw'

Sheffielders aren’t always known for our glass half full approach. In fact, I don’t mind admitting that we can be a very sceptical bunch.

Tuesday, 15th September 2020, 10:36 am

I often hear people complaining about the state of somewhere even though they haven’t stepped foot anywhere near the target of their moan for well over ten years.

Let’s be honest, we have got plenty that we can legitimately whinge about and, as much as we utterly love this city, nobody can tell us we are wrong for wishing it had improved more over the past 40 years.

So, today’s optimistic front page news is just what we need although it is only a small part of a much bigger puzzle. I believe that it will be smaller businesses and determined entrepreneurs from the Steel City who will help our light to burn brighter. Yet we are all very aware they need support, encouragement and a plan to fit into.

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Summer view of Sheffield Peace Gardens 9th June 1975

One of the things I often hear is that Sheffield doesn’t need any more hotels. Well, how many other cities of this size can you name which doesn’t have a five star hotel and aren’t we all agreed that we need to be attracting more visitors in? We have plenty that they could enjoy and a history that is just about perfect for tourists, if only they actually knew about it.

My daughter’s friends from university wanted to come and visit places associated with the Arctic Monkeys. She could only think of two spots, and one of those was tenuous.

The Snooker is watched by millions across the globe and the Crucible is idolised, but what do we offer as a package to tempt those fans in?

We’ve had a Premier League team for a full season now and, in case I haven’t mentioned it before, we invented the most popular sport in the world – yet we aren’t reaping the benefits as we should. I won’t go on ...

So, I’m all for hotels and I am all for a city centre that is redesigned to have greener spaces to relax and unique food venues that make a visit to town worthwhile.

I am sure most of us remember the uproar when the idea to change the Peace Gardens was first raised. I haven’t heard anybody say that it isn’t much better now and, pandemic aside, it is always packed with families and workers on lunchbreaks when the sun comes out. Let's have more of that please and, yes we probably will complain initially, but just get it right then watch our pride and love for this city grow.