Editor: High time to enjoy a new view from above our city centre

Sheffield has never had a high-rise skyline. Rightly or wrongly, planning bosses have never wanted to see buildings tower above us as we walk along the streets below.

Monday, 28th June 2021, 6:48 am
Views from the new rooftop bar Alto at Cubo on Carver Street
Views from the new rooftop bar Alto at Cubo on Carver Street

I suppose if you go far enough back, the height of the castle walls would probably have been classed as high-rise but since we have very little evidence of what actually stood there, let’s stick with more modern days. After a swift reminder, naturally, that none of us have forgotten poor old Castlegate must not be left looking abandoned for much longer if we are to bring life back into the city centre.

Moving on… we have seen a couple of tower blocks appear in recent years and there are plans for several more on the way.

But we are still a long way from the dominating outlines which you see in other comparable cities. In fact, when you sketch the Sheffield skyline there are few buildings which are instantly recognisable as the Steel City.

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That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There isn't anything wrong with not having to crane your neck to see the tops of buildings, is there? After all, we tend to walk with our eyes firmly down – or glued to our phones – these days.

However, there is a growing trend in our city that will see us happily able to peer down and get a whole new view.

It isn’t long since Sheffield didn’t have any rooftop bars and now we have several – again, with more on the way.

There is something wonderful about being able to gaze far across your city from above. To be able to do it from a comfy seat and with a drink in your hand while chatting with friends, all the better.

There are also several offices which have a space beyond the very top level for colleagues to relax and take a break away from indoors.

It is time we saw our own city from a different aspect. We all want it develop in new and exciting ways, perhaps this will help. We did, after all, invent Streets in the Skies when Park Hill flats first opened. So maybe this trend isn't so new, even though it is certainly one that improves on what we already had.

Enjoy your weekend. I’m hoping to spend at least part of it taking in the views from one of our new bars... but I’d better not forget my brolly.