Editor: Hats off to twinkle-toes - who gives his all to this city

He’s everyone’s favourite, isn’t he? It doesn’t really matter what you think of his dancing at all.

Monday, 15th November 2021, 6:58 am
Award-winning BBC presenter and University of Sheffield graduate Dan Walker receiving an Honorary Doctorate during the University of Sheffield’s Winter Graduation week on January 10th 2019. Picture: Chris Etchells

Dan Walker has always been a popular celeb but the way he has let his love for Sheffield shine through recently has won over even the steeliest hearts.

He is just an utterly fantastic ambassador for our city – his city – and shows it in everything he does.

A great bloke, a huge advocate of where he lives, a dedicated professional and a dancer … I’ll leave you to pick your own adjective for that one.

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Tonight we’re told they will perform the American Smooth to King Of The Road by The Proclaimers.

No matter how that goes, there is no doubt we will enjoy the performance and those unmissable smiles.

Dan is clearly burning a lot of calories with his sequined routines because he is not only supporting Sheffield’s independent eateries by feasting there, but giving them priceless advertising with the kindest words of thanks.

Fancy somewhere good to eat out tonight?

Well, just have a look where Dan has been recently and you won’t go far wrong.

Need a lift there? Well, Dan and dance partner Nadiya Bychkova have been ferried around the city by a City Taxi cabbie who admits he would be better on the dance floor of Roxy’s than gliding onto Saturday television.

I’m sure that’s true of most of us, probably even Dan who only signed up for the show because his children were so keen to see him dance.

The award-winning BBC presenter received an honorary doctorate during the University of Sheffield’s winter graduation week in 2019, and he looked as pleased as punch.

It is absolutely fitting that Sheffield should give back to a man who has not only made this place his home but has seriously taken it to his heart and gives back at every opportunity.

Most importantly, he is just a lovely bloke and a fabulous role model. We could do with more of those and, perhaps, as the winter nights draw in, more dancing too.

Let’s leave the last words to Dan, the family man and Sheffield’s favourite friend.

“Whoever you vote for this weekend,” he wrote this week, “I hope you enjoy the show. I will continue to do it with a massive smile on my face.”