Editor: Go on, take a bit more time to appreciate Sheffielders

Aren’t Sheffield people great? I appreciate that I am slightly biased but we get wonderful stories about lovely people every single day and it isn’t celebrated enough.

By Nancy Fielder
Thursday, 27th May 2021, 6:49 am
Updated Thursday, 27th May 2021, 6:57 am
The new completed St Paul's Tower complex, and its views over Sheffield. Aerial view of Town Hall
The new completed St Paul's Tower complex, and its views over Sheffield. Aerial view of Town Hall

You can read any edition of The Star and there is always somebody doing something extra kind for others, working really hard to improve our city for everyone or just being the kind of human we all hope our children will grow up to become.

Sheffield is packed full of volunteers and we all know that they keep the city going. That has been true for as long as I can remember but it has never been more evident than with our current vaccination program. They greet you with a smile, they give up their time for nothing and they are literally saving our lives. Many NHS staff have told me that this herculean effort would have been impossible without those citizens who have stepped forward selflessly.

Then there is litter. For every Sheffielder who is utterly disgusting in their actions and has nothing but contempt for our lovely spaces, there are more who are willing to clean up after them. They shouldn’t have to and, of course, they wish they didn’t have to but nothing will stop them trying to protect their neighbourhoods and keeping them as nice as possible.

In every paper we celebrate fundraisers whose dedication makes our hospices, hospitals, schools and so many other services viable. Where would we be without them? We are also a city of protesters, as we’ve seen plenty of times this year. What an inspiring group of school girls on today’s front page. Why should they keep quiet and put up with sexual harassment like their mums and grans did before them? Not this lot, they are aiming for the top, demanding proper change and have every intention of making a real difference.

Then there are our city’s young carers. Again, what they do is irreplaceable and no amount of thanks could ever be enough. Those stories on Pages 28 and 29 illustrate the power of good, local charities and the fantastic folk who fire them on.

We have all had a tough 18 months but it was easier than it could have been because of other individuals’ kindness.

It makes you proud to call this place home and to share it with such genuinely phenomenal people.