Editor: First impressions matter so let’s make them work for city

Some things can’t be wiped from your memory – good, bad, ugly or looking exceedingly unloved.

Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 6:42 am
Updated Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 6:51 am
EMR new train service at Sheffield station. Picture: Chris Etchells

There are plenty of occasions which we all remember – the first time we met somebody, saw something or visited a place. It matters enormously and that is why it is hard to forget. So what do you think of the various first impressions Sheffield gives?

The walk straight up into town from the train station is an absolute winner. It is something most of us probably pay little attention to as we are so used to what surrounds us but it is definitely worth enjoying a slow meander up that hill and taking in the sights. It makes your heart fill with pride for this place we call home.

However, I always used to joke that visitors should be banned from turning left out of the station … particularly if they happen to venture that way by accident. It just wasn’t attractive. In fact, not so long ago it was bad enough to make most folk jump straight back on the train and out of the Steel City.

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Much work has taken place recently to bring some of the most rundown buildings into use. When the project by Sheffield Hallam University on today’s front page is complete, we might even go as far as encouraging people to veer slightly left.

An impressive welcome counts for so much that if the uni gets this right, it will also help attract more students to sign up for study here.

I can’t help but suspect that the sight of those big, silver steel drums in the background of the artist’s impressions bring back memories for most Star readers of less successful ventures in that area. Ah, that poor old, ill-fated museum of pop music. Let’s smile wryly and be confident that this time our city is getting it right. After all, that bizarre structure makes a great and unusual addition to what we can offer students.

On another plus, the strip joint around the corner has now also been consigned to history and you will have read our recent coverage of the ambitious plans to create a wonderful restaurant in its place.

We’re on the up and now is a great time to get behind ambitious plans to make sure the welcome to Sheffield comes from every single resident. It is the best city on the planet, after all.