Editor: Do it your own way but think of others as the heat rises

Take it steady. That is the advice from our public health director Greg Fell and, throughout it all, I think we would all agree that his advice has been spot on.

Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 6:47 am
Fun on Supertram ahead of a previous Tramlines festival

While the government at all levels have made many messes along the way, the scientific experts in this city haven’t.

But I digress. So, what am I talking about more specifically than this horrible pandemic? Well, Greg’s name might not have been so well known 18 months ago but he has to deal with far more than Covid and that general advice is perfect for this weather.

Apologies Greg, I am taking your comment out of context but while many of us adore these incredibly hot temperatures, thousands more Sheffielders absolutely hate it.

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For every youngster basking in the rays, there is somebody else who is hiding in their home, afraid to go out because the sun is just too hot for them.

Please keep them in mind and, as you have through lockdown, check in on them more regularly than usual. It is easy to get disorientated, dehydrated and seriously ill in extreme weather so that community spirit is really needed right now. We all need friends and good neighbours so we should all try to be both ourselves.

I don’t want to be a killjoy and I’m not saying you shouldn’t make the most of summer, just keep others in mind and ‘take it steady’.

The same applies to the musical extravaganza that is Tramlines. Thousands of us have been desperately waiting for this weekend and will love every single second.

It is a brilliant event for Sheffield, it attracts people in and it makes the city feel great pride. It is also very difficult to organise, never more so than this year, so it would be great to see it finally go ahead without a hitch.

If festivals aren’t your thing and the thought of lots of people being in a crowded space without masks worries you, just keep away. There are plenty of wonderful corners of Sheffield that don’t get overly busy no matter what the temperature.

Explore a park that is new to you, support a cafe that you haven’t visited before and enjoy yourself in whatever form that takes. Do it alone or with others, hide in the shade or slap on the suncream. Take it steady, Sheffield, and let’s take care of each other.