Editor: Can't we turn something annoying into incredible?

It has to be the most annoying piece of land in Sheffield. I know that is some claim and there are quite a few competitors, but if I had a pound for every time a Star reader complains about the area opposite the train station’s ‘drop off’ car park, I’d be able to travel by private jet rather than rail.

Dyson House is demolished in Sheaf Square,  opposite the Midland Station, 2006
Dyson House is demolished in Sheaf Square, opposite the Midland Station, 2006

You know exactly the spot that I’m talking about. It has been boarded up for as long as most of us care to remember and we have plenty of opportunity to stare at it. In fact, as you sit in the gridlock that usually follows a car trip to the station, it almost laughs at you.

Firstly, we have the most ridiculous design for taxis and cars that I have seen at any station anywhere in the world. Secondly, a huge, empty patch of land watches and giggles as motorists get more irate and their exhausts pump out even more fumes than necessary. Again, if I had a quid for everyone who has asked me ‘why they don’t just let Sheffielders park there’, well, I’d have enough to buy that land and do whatever I fancy with it.

To be completely honest, I don't want it to be a car park – although I can see that would be preferable in the meantime to it sitting empty while chaos reigns over the road. I want it to be something incredible, a place that makes visitors say ‘wow’ as they step into our city and makes us smile with pride whenever we return home.

You might thing flying taxis are a step too far. We did have a little laugh in our news meeting yesterday the idea. I believe the words monorail and cable cars were mentioned more than once. Sheffield has big ideas … but they are all too often consigned to history as nothing more.

I really, really wanted Channel 5 to set up its home there, as we all did. It is an ideal spot for something and somebody – but right now it is just an insult in a perfect location.

While we come up with big bucks to back up a feasible big idea, please, let’s do something with it. It frustrates, it saddens and it sums up failures which we don’t need reminding of and don’t need to greet everyone as they step off the train.

Even the fair that has set up there a few times was an improvement. As we prepare for the promised summer of fun, surely we could use it to bring some smiles and restore a little bit of pride … just until the flying taxi arrives.