Editor: Beautiful season for what could be ugly political fight

Isn’t this a wonderful time of year. Gardens are full of wonderful spring flowers and the parks are at their best.

By Nancy Fielder
Tuesday, 19th April 2022, 6:58 am
Seasonal blossom
Seasonal blossom

Winter never feels as long these days as when I was a child and there are far more subtle changes in nature than I would have bothered to pay attention to back then.

First came the snowdrops with their delicate noses pushing through the end of winter, followed by the glorious yellows of daffodils bursting through the grass.

The trees haven’t yet revealed their full coats but the multitudinous shades of green are beginning to appear on the branches.

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What outshines them right now is the blossom.

Such eye-catching shades of pink and pure white which adorn the trees and then scatters itself across the floor like a carpet for royalty.

You may have had more visitors to your door than normal during the last few weeks, and I don’t mean the general return to normal after lockdown.

Amid the spring sunshine, an army of campaigners are in action as they try to persuade you to vote for their party of choice.

There isn’t long to go now until the next round of local elections and, perhaps most important of all, the chance to elect a mayor who can actually make a difference.

It is likely that turn-out will be low, particular in the South Yorkshire towns which aren’t also electing councillors this year.

As our loyal readers will probably guess, The Star won’t be telling you how to vote but we will be working harder than anyone to try and persuade you to bother on election day.

It matters, it really matters and it could make an enormous improvement to all our lives if the right candidate gets the jobs and gives us action.

Imagine if our bus service could be transformed to its former glory, just think how transformational an expansion of Supertram could be and take time to ponder what we could do if equal funding was received for the city centre.

Now is the time to make our demands and your vote is the way to do it.

Politics isn’t pretty but at least there is likely to be some beautiful blossom to guide you on your way to the ballot box. Please, there’s nothing worse than doing nothing.