FROM THE EDITOR: Back in the office but not back to normality

I am writing this sat at my desk in The Star’s office. It is the first time since March that any of our team has stepped foot inside the place where we normally spend so much of our time.

Wednesday, 5th August 2020, 11:35 am
Staff at The Star back in the office on Monday August 3rd 2020.

To be strictly accurate, I am not actually sat at my own desk because it is one of more than half of the tables are out of action in order to keep us safely socially distanced.

We have only had the management team and we are only planning on coming in one day a week throughout August as we balance the need to have proper conversations with the importance of not rushing back to the office without the right precautions in place.

I have been jokingly renamed Nurse Fielder as I have to take everyone’s temperature when they arrive at work – not something that usually fits into the job description of editor.

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There will be no shared biscuits or treats for a long time but fortunately we are allowed to use the kitchen to get our caffeine fixes … although there are no more tea rounds as we can only make a cuppa for ourselves which doesn’t feel very Sheffield at all.

During lockdown we have shown that, for the first time, Sheffield’s daily newspaper and constant website can be done without having anybody working in the office. The obvious exception to that is our dedicated team at the Dinnington presses who have to be there – and have been there every day – to make sure the newspapers are printed and sent out across the city. But we can send content to them at the click of a button and the days of creating pages manually with little letters made out of metal are long behind us.

We have continued to provide journalism in Sheffield by talking over the phone and our reporters have become experts in carrying out socially distanced interviews.

We have all learnt a lot while working so closely together in every way except physical distance. The thing we have appreciated most is your continual reminders through kind letters, cards, emails and calls that Star readers are the kindest folk and right behind our team in every circumstance.

Stay safe and thank you for your continued support. Come what may, we will keep bringing you Sheffield stories written for Sheffielders by Sheffielders in the heart of the city we all love.