Editor: A spring in our step as city smiles on a world stage

The sun is set to shine on a long bank holiday and there is plenty to smile about in Sheffield.

By Nancy Fielder
Thursday, 14th April 2022, 6:36 am
Tudor Square sparkles at night
Tudor Square sparkles at night

Gordon Banks, Jamie, snooker and the city’s biggest Easter egg hunt – you’ll find lots to lift your spirits in today’s paper.

Sheffielders are always proud of where they live and only wish for it to do better.

I love it when the snooker is in town. You don’t even have to like the sport to appreciate what it does for the city.

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Tudor Square is already starting to look spruced up, although to be honest it is always pretty and certainly one of my favourite corners.

The whole atmosphere changes when the television cameras roll up and you see the fans waiting for autographs at the stage door.

It is a fantastic event which is a crucial part of the Sheffield calendar. The tournament wouldn’t be the same without the Crucible – despite the massive chequebooks being waved from overseas.

Now more than ever we need to demonstrate why the Crucible is its home and why it should stay where it has always been. Anywhere else would be a disaster for both the event and the city.

Just the few seconds of our rollings hills appearing in the introductory scenes before the matches begin is a brilliant advert for Sheffield.

It shows others why we love our city so much and has brought in millions of pounds in revenue for decades.

Imagine that all taking place in the Crucible while Jamie glitters in the Lyceum.

What a huge display in a tiny space and what a fabulous boost for the bank holiday.

I will be heading into town to enjoy the many good things it has to offer. Showing our support when times are good is just as important as holding those in power to account when they are bad.

So join me, spend some money in our independent cafes and remind yourself that our city centre is in transition.

We keep our fingers firmly crossed for when the wraps come off in coming years and, for now, we help the good grow by backing it and making the most of the gems that already sparkle.

Spring and Easter are a time for hope. Smile and this wonderful city of ours just might smile right back at you.